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1000 Mile Auditions!

Deadline Dec 31st, 2022 - MIDNIGHT AST

     This year the 1000 Mile Challenge will consist of two teams.  Each team will travel along the same course, but in opposite directions.  The course will be determined by organizers of the challenge in conjunction with the riders.

     We are taking auditions for riders this year for multiple reasons.  Rider requests from Newfoundland to Alaska and all through the US have asked to join the 1000 Mile Challenge.  We decided that we would use the auditions to choose riders that we feel will be successful both on the trail and in contributing to the fundraiser, also that it would help build momentum up until the event, and also to create content by showcasing riders. (Creating brand identity, rider profiles, etc.)


     The main goal of the 1000 Mile Challenge is to raise funds which will be used to send children to the camp of their choice in summer 2023.  All other objectives are secondary.  This event is not a race.  It is a personal endurance challenge which puts a man/woman to the test - their machine, their endurance, their navigational and problem solving skills, and that of their team.  Safety is of utmost concern.


     Ideally we would like to incorporate a machine from each of the major snowmobile manufacturers.  The reason for this is because of brand loyalty amongst fans, which will increase viewership which will in turn send more kids to camp.

     We are also asking riders to bring a minimum sponsorship of $5000 with them.  This could be via a partnering dealership or businesses in their local area, etc.  We will provide you with the tools to achieve this if need be.  This is for the kids and the goal of this event is to send kids to camp. 


Applicants are asked to submit a video of themselves which can be shared on our social media platforms during the auditioning period.  We ask that you include the following details about yourself in the video:


  • Name, location, what sled you ride, your longest trip, what inspired you to want to apply to the 1000 Mile Challenge, why you would like to be the next 1000 Mile Man/Woman.  Any other information that you feel is relevant can be included; such as pictures of you with your sled, trip photos, etc.  Videos / content can be sent to  For videos larger than email accepts, it is suggested that you use a cloud service or the unlisted option on YouTube.


Riders must:

  • Have a positive attitude and willingness to be on camera, appear in publications, on film, social media, supply rider profiles, etc.

  • Be an experienced and safe snowmobiler; drive in a safe and controlled manner

  • Must abide by local laws, have trail pass, have a legal snowmobile

  • Possess mechanical knowledge, navigation skills, and a solid level of stubbornness and determination

  • Be able to operate their machine in a safe manner and know when to stop - make sound decisions

  • Be physically fit and of good health

  • Be willing to use sponsored equipment; snowmobile gear/mechanical aftermarket parts - within reason

  • Be willing and able to submit content to organizers, network, promote themselves and their team, connect with the community etc.

  • Care about the event and its goals

  • Be willing to spend several days before the event filming, spending time with organizers, riding with past 1000 Mile Challenge participants.

  • Be willing to agree and sign any necessary waivers, abide by 1000 Mile Challenge guidelines, etc.

  • Allow coaching beforehand from past participants in order to achieve the goals of the event

  • Be safe and make smart and sound decisions, be an expert in risk assessment

Riders will be chosen by a committee and may be chosen using some of all of the following:


  • Online social presence / ability to share, network, promote

  • Snowmobiling experience / rider skills

  • Brand / age / conditions of machine

  • Physical condition / age / health of rider

  • Location, availability

Below is a form for riders to fill out.  A $30 fee applies to all applicants that will be used towards the fundraiser and to confirm the seriousness of the applicant.  Deadline is December 31st 2022 at midnight AST.

Application for 1000 Mile Challenge:
Have you followed the 1000 Mile Challenge in the past?
Are you willing to bring a minimum of $5000 in sponsorships with you?

Thank you and Good Luck!

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