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Did you go to camp this year?

The 1000 Mile Challenge does a great job of highlighting the 1000 Mile event, promoting brands and riders, and captivating a great audience of fans.  However, the one thing that I believe we can improve on is showcasing the fruits of the labour. 

The purpose of the 1000 Mile is to send children to camp who would not normally be able to go.  We've created this page to capture anonymous testimonials from children and families who have benefitted from the 1000 Mile Challenge.  Our intent is to share these experiences with our audience so that we can show what it is all about.

Below is a form that you can fill out sharing your experience.  There is no need to share names or any details that might identify individuals.  We would love to be able to share these anonymously!

Thanks so much for your help!

-Rudi Fowler

1000 Mile Challenge

Please share your camp experience below!

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Thanks for sharing!

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