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1000 Miles - One Day - By Snowmobile

Sending kids to Camp

These four riders will be traveling 1000 trail miles in one day by snowmobile while raising money for children to attend summer camp!
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What is the 1000 Mile Challenge?

The 1000 Mile Challenge is an endurance challenge where two teams of two snowmobilers set off on a 24 hour mission to achieve 1000 actual GPS Miles on New Brunswick snowmobile trails. 


The mission is to raise funds that will be used directly to send children to summer camp, who would otherwise not afford to go.


The riders are equipped with two-way satellite tracking by Garmin Inreach, and anyone interested can track their location live on social media and on a tracking website.


Fans are welcomed to cheer trailside, record and post content, and get involved. Last year’s event captivated the entire province, parts of the country and fans from over a dozen States. People rallied together for the cause and the success of the event continued as race merchandise was ordered and distributed to fans across the nation.


The 1000 Mile Challenge 2021 Raised more than $19'000 for children to go to camp.  In 2022 we rasied $76'000.  Stay tuned for exciting details surrounding the 1000 Mile Challenge 2023!


 Thank you to many of our

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